Knowledge and information

This group of actions entails the mapping of the key stakeholders who currently operate in Greece in the fields of climate change and resilience. Based on this mapping, an original actions inventory was built, where actors and initiatives will be collected and assessed in a one-stop shop logic. This platform forms the backbone of the Climate Change Hub.

The one-stop online platform collects and assesses key initiatives, scientific data, best practices from academia, local and national administrations, private sector, and civil society actors. Legal commitments at the local, national, European, and international level targeting climate change and climate neutrality are also delivered via the platform.

Through its operation, the Platform aims to facilitate a better understanding, by any interested stakeholder, of the current status of climate action undertaken in Greece, to enable a smooth cooperation between the various actors involved in climate action in Greece and to overall offer to all stakeholders transparent, current, and easily accessible information on climate action, so as to enable the extraction of useful conclusions and policy proposals.